Game of Thrones Season
Game of Thrones Season

Game of Thrones Season – A Song of Ice and Fire 1-5 (TV Series)

I got hooked to this TV series Game of Thrones Season and decided to find download links of this series. Right now, I want to also share them with others so they can also be thrilled and got thinking on who will take over the throne and will lead the Westeros. I am sure you will be entangled on the GOT political plot, be hopeful for their people and be enlightened that today’s political system is very much alike on what it was like before. For the one true KING!

Which side are you, the Lannisters, the Targaryens, Greyjoy, Tully, Arryn,Tyrell or Martell? Each house has its own identity but which house will be great enough to conquer them all. You can see for yourself, the direct download links are below. The file size ranges from 50MB-200MB, very suitable for fast downloading even in your phone or tablets.

You can also download the ebooks (in pdf and epub format) where this series was loosely based, A Song of Ice and Fire, for FREE. Download ASOIF here.

If you encounter problem downloading, please see this tutorial for the guide.
Game of thrones download links season 1 episodes GOTSeason 1
Download Season 1 ALL episodes subtitles in English
Episodes Download
1. “Winter Is Coming” in mp4 | mkvMirror
2. “The Kingsroad” in mp4 | mkvMirror
3. “Lord Snow” in mp4 | mkvMirror
4. “Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things” in mp4 | mkvMirror
5. “The Wolf and the Lion” in mp4 | mkvMirror
6. “A Golden Crown” in mp4 | mkvMirror
7. “You Win or You Die” in mp4 | mkvMirror
8. “The Pointy End” in mp4 | mkvMirror
9. “Baelor” in mp4 | mkvMirror
10. “Fire and Blood”  in mp4 | mkvMirror


Game of Thrones Season 2 Download GOT english subtitle episodes ep s2Season 2

 Download Season 2 ALL episodes subtitles in English
Episodes Download
1. “The North Remembers” in mp4 | mkvMirror
2. “The Night Lands” in mp4 | mkvMirror
3. “What Is Dead May Never Die” in mp4 | mkvMirror
4. “Garden of Bones” in mp4 | mkvMirror
5. “The Ghost of Harrenhal” in mp4 | mkvMirror
6. “The Old Gods and the New” in mp4 | mkvMirror
7. “A Man Without Honor” in mp4 | mkvMirror
8. “The Prince of Winterfell” in mp4 | mkvMirror
9. “Blackwater” in mp4 | mkvMirror
10.”Valar Morghulis” in mp4 | mkvMirror

Game of Thrones Season 3 Download Links episodes ep s3 GOT Season3
Download Season 3 ALL episodes subtitles in English
Episodes Download with English subtitles
1. “Valar Dohaeris” in mp4 | mkvMirror
2. “Dark Wings, Dark Words” in mp4 | mkvMirror
3. “Walk of Punishment” in mp4 | mkvMirror
4. “And Now His Watch Is Ended” in mp4 | mkvMirror
5. “Kissed by Fire” in mp4 | mkvMirror
6. “The Climb” in mp4 | mkvMirror
7. “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” in mp4 | mkvMirror
8. “Second Sons” in mp4 | mkvMirror
9. “The Rains of Castamere” in mp4 | mkvMirror
10. “Mhysa” in mp4 | mkvMirror
Game of Thrones Season 4 Download links episodes s4 GOT

Download Season 4 ALL episodes subtitles in English
Episodes Download
1. “Two Swords” in mp4 | mkvMirror
2. “The Lion and the Rose” in mp4 | mkvMirror
3. “Breaker of Chains” in mp4 | mkvMirror
4. “Oathkeeper” in mp4 | mkvMirror
5. “First of His Name” in mp4 | mkvMirror
6. “The Laws of Gods and Men” in mp4 | mkvMirror
7. “Mockingbird” in mp4 | mkvMirror
8. “The Mountain and the Viper” in mp4 | mkvMirror
9. “The Watchers on the Wall” in mp4 | mkvMirror
10. “The Children” — in mkv | mirror mkvMirror

The long wait is over, Game of Thrones Season 5 has finally started! A lot of change will happen in this season now that Tywin Lannister is dead and Tyrion is on the loose. New characters will surface and we can finally see the land of Dorne. The Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, will be put to difficult positions as her council is continued to be challenged in Mereen. As the new Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, will Jon Snow be able to surpass all expectations from him and will he be able to separate his personal affairs to the vows he had sworn as one of the Blacks. Update June 15: Episode 10 added

Included in this post is the Episode 0 which is a documentary of the different shooting locations of Game of Thrones. It is quite an amazing TV series as the scenes are shot in different countries. You may want to skip that episode and head on to the continuation of the GoT plot.


GoT season 5, game of thrones, s5, episodesSeason 5

File format: MP4/FLV
Download Season 5 episode subtitles
Episodes Download by video resolution
0. “A Day in the Life” in 720p
1. “The Wars to Come” in 720p | 480p
2. “The House of Black and White” in 720p | 480p
3. “High Sparrow” in 720p | 480p  Leaked ep 3 and 4
4. “The Sons of the Harpy” in mp4 | 480p
5. “Kill the Boy” in 720p | 480p
6. “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” in 720p | 480p
7.  “The Gift” in 720p | 480p
8. “Hardhome” in 720p | 480p
9. “The Dance of Dragons” in 720p | 480p
10. “Mother’s Mercy” in 720p | 480p Season Finale

Note: To use the subtitles, just extract it along with the downloaded episode videos and rename it with the same filename as the video. 

Disclaimer: Photos and videos are not owned by i-Share.
Credits to the original uploaders!
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